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The mission at Samson Electric Inc is to provide our clients, within their schedule, the best value for the highest quality of work while creating a working environment for our employees that fosters safety, learning and dedication to team work while ensuring the continued growth and profitability of the company.


In our 30 plus years of operations, we have continually sought to develop and expand into new areas and marketplaces. We are actively involved in projects in the Pacific Rim countries, territories and US possessions.


We continually explore for other new Overseas or Local opportunities and welcome all inquires. We have the professionals with the experience to get your project done, no matter where the site may be located.


Samson Electric Inc is an EEO employer. If you are actively seeking new opportunities, please view our open positions to the right and click “Employment Interest” to submit a request to our H/R department.

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Position Title:

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Meet Our Team

Mike Samson / CEO President of Samson Electric

Experience : 40 years

Interest : BigGame Hunting and Fishing

Sylvia Samson / Corporate Treasurer

Experience : 23 years

Interest : Traveling

Tony Samson / Corporate Secretary and Project Mgr Fairbanks

Experience : 15 years

Interest : XXSkiingHiking

/ HR SafetyManager

Experience : 

Interest :

Joyce Keller / Controller

Experience : 24yrs

Interest : off-roading with her Husband

Darrin Koloski / Corporate Vice President Anchorage Branch Manager

Experience : 21 years

Interest : Hunting and Fishing Addict

Joy Bailey / Fairbanks Office Manager

Experience : 30 years

Interest : 

Rob catlett / Svc Dept MngrAnch

Experience : 20 years

Interest : Hunting,Fishing And FamilyTime

Dave Johnson /  Corporate Vice President Fairbanks Branch Manager

Interest : Golf